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Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels

Do you know what’s preventing women from being all they can be in corporate America? The internal factors of fear, self-doubt, and lack of confidence play a huge role in diminishing our professional success as women! This presentation will show women in your organization how to smash through that perceived glass ceiling and accomplish everything they’ve ever dreamed of in their professional lives.

Following this presentation, participants will:

Identify and seize career opportunities and increase productivity.
Boost their personal Return on Investment via effective communication and problem solving.
Establish professional credibility and assert their ideas/opinions in meetings without being labeled.
Focus on the solution, not the problem, in difficult situations.
Deflect rejections, insults, and interruptions from coworkers and management.

They will return to work ready to hit the ground running with passion for their jobs and goals for success! And remember ladies – no crying in the boardroom!

This has been a great presentation for:

Women’s Business Organizations
Women’s Universities and Colleges
Corporations and Businesses

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