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Creating Your Own 30 Second Commercial!


No one knows the pressure of the boardroom better than me – one wrong move can be the difference between winning and losing.  On The Apprentice, Mr. Trump often asks, “Why should I keep you here instead of.”

In life, we are often faced with the same questions by those we want to do business with – people always want to know why they should do business with you instead of your competitor.  A major advantage that I had over the other contestants was that I knew when to launch into my own 30 Second Commercial.

In a 30 Second Commercial, you need to be able to sell yourself and your skills to a complete stranger in 30 seconds or less.  What are the compelling reasons why someone should do business with you?

I have enclosed some tips on how to write your own 30 Second Commercial:

Be Able to Recite on a Moment’s Notice.  On the show, I knew my 30 Second Commercial better than my competitors.  Whenever asked, I could name specifics as to why I was the better choice, my precise record as a project manager, and what I had to offer that no one else had.

Know Your Competitor’s Commercials.  Not only could I tell my story, I also knew those of my competitors, and could bring them up when it was advantageous.  In one circumstance, I knew the win/loss record of my competitor better than he did, and that led Trump to fire him instead of me.

Don’t Let Anyone Else Write Your Script.  Going onto The Apprentice, I was pegged as the Modest Midwestern Housewife – and instead I showed them I was someone who could “handle the killers of New York.”  Mr. Trump told me that he respected me for knowing who I was.  Always be yourself!

I wish you great financial success using this technique – be sure to send me the royalties!

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