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Democrats can’t fool Iowans this election day. Op-Ed written by Tana 10-18-18

Democrats can’t fool Iowans this election day. Op-Ed written by Tana 10-18-18

Iowans recognize political games when they see them, so Democrats are going to have a hard time convincing them to give up their newfound prosperity.

Less than two years after President Trump’s election, Council Bluffs is reaching economic milestones that once seemed impossible. In August, the city’s unemployment rate stood at 2.7 percent — more than a whole percentage point below the national average.

The booming economy has encouraged substantial business growth, forcing companies to compete for workers by offering new benefits like Union Pacific’s $20,000 in hiring incentives for train crews in Council Bluffs — which is more than a full year’s pay at minimum wage.

And UP is hardly the only company that wants to invest in Council Bluffs. Recently, Warren Distribution announced plans for a whopping $12.8 million expansion that will create dozens of new jobs in the community.

New growth isn’t restricted to Council Bluffs. President Trump’s policies have done wonders for the entire state of Iowa, which now has the second-lowest state unemployment rate in America.

Democrats want to undo this progress. But they know that they can’t win elections with candor about returning Iowa to the days of tax hikes and regulations out of Washington, so they’re resorting to deception.

A PAC supporting Cindy Axne, the Democrat running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, falsely claimed that the President’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “raises taxes on the middle class.”

In reality, Americans for Tax Reform concluded that 90 percent of taxpayers will receive a tax cut under the new law — a fact that Democrats can’t acknowledge without discrediting their whole agenda.

Republican Congressman David Young, conversely, voted in favor of the middle class tax cuts so Iowans can keep more of their paychecks. Unlike his opponent, Young is the ally the President needs to keep our economy booming.

If Democrats like Axne take control of Congress in the midterms, they’ll suppress economic growth with job-killing taxes and regulations. The pro-Axne PAC clearly recognizes that Iowans won’t accept that, which is why they tried to hoodwink voters with misleading ads.

But the results speak for themselves: the people of Council Bluffs are undeniably better off thanks to President Trump’s successful policies.

The Democrats think they can convince Iowans that more jobs and higher pay are bad things. On November 6, we can show them they have another think coming.

Tana Goertz, senior advisor and spokesperson for President Donald Trump and a member of the Trump 2020 Advisory Board

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