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From the Basement to the Boardroom

This exclusive presentation provides a peek behind the curtain into my past and is designed for women only! How does a smart good girl end up being manipulated by a dangerous bad boy? Why did I choose to overlook red flags and allow myself to settle for a life that was jet-setting and glamorous, but unhappy? In this deeply personal session, I tell my story of triumph over defeat, and my rise from being an unemployed single mother living in my parent’s basement to an internationally recognized reality television star and motivational speaker!

I will pass on the lessons learned from my life experience and educate others on how to become goal-attaining achievers. I convince others that setbacks and defeats in life are just challenges that must be overcome through perseverance and personal growth.

I am living proof of what is possible when you don’t allow your will to be broken and reach deep within yourself to find your true potential and power. I encourage others to forget yesterday, think only about today, and go forward with the beautiful new life they have always dreamt of and deserved!

This has been a great presentation for:

Women’s Groups
Support Groups
Correctional Facilities

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