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Happily Ever After isn’t Easy- 3 things you can do to keep the spark and love alive.


Anyone in a relationship or who plans on being in one needs to know how to keep love alive over the long term.


Yes, about 50% of couples get divorced. Another 10-15% separate but do not file paperwork. And 7 more percent are chronically unhappy.


So the real stat is two-thirds of marriages do not live “happily ever after.”


Why is marriage so hard over the long term?

One of the main reasons is what science calls it “habituation.” Which is a fancy way of saying we get bored.

So you need to actively keep the marriage happy. How do you do that?


1.  Don’t fix the bad increase the good.


2.  Forget romance think excitement.


3.  Pretend you’re on a first date.

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