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Never Say No

Hey Everyone,

As I am closing the book on 2011, I am shocked by the same question I have been asked 3 times this week, by 3 different people.  The question is, “Why I never slow down, why I never quit re-inventing myself and my speaking topics, and why I have my hands in so many projects”.

This question posed to me has been from 3 very different people, one who’s highly successful in his line of work, one who’s bi-polar and severely depressed, and the other is from a competitor (in her mind) of mine.  This question really make me wonder and feel bad for how many people out there are just going through the motions of life, or simply living life to just get by.  How boring.

My DNA is a highly motivated, energetic, entrepreneur who is never content with my current level of activity.  I could have 150 speeches on the books and I’d still be trying to reach more audiences. People might say Wow she doesn’t seem very happy or satisfied with her life and that’s definitely not the case.  I love being very active and have a genuine love of people and the thought of making a difference in people’s lives fuels my work horse appetite.

My philosophy is and has always been, never stop your momentum it’s that much harder to get going again.  It’s that simple I’ve never hit the brakes and I love to function at full throttle.

I am always striving to DO more, BE more, and GIVE more.  This brings me to my blog title “Never Say No”.

The reason I have my hands in so many current projects is I never say “No” to an opportunity. No to me means, No-Money.  People are saying no as fast as a reflex, without any consideration or pause. It’s good for someone like me who says Yes as fast as my heart beats cause I get more of the opportunities (the ones people are saying no to) and I get to make more money.  Not to mention all the cool people I get to meet and great places I get to see.

For my most current example, I was asked last night at around 8 pm if I could be a hand model holding an I Phone this morning.  After finding out the specifics (in one phone call), pay, time of shoot, etc. I immediately said yes.

So today I can say I WAS and I AM a hand model.  YES, I got paid for holding an I Phone in my hand, NO I’ve never done this kind of work before (the bikini modeling was in my younger years), YES my Aunt hand modeled for years (maybe it’s in the genes), NO I didn’t think twice about doing this, YES I think something else will come from this one opportunity.

So the next time you say No to an opportunity realize you are probably saying no because of 3 reasons, 1.  Fear of the unknown, 2.  Doubt of yourself and your skills, 3.  Stuck in your comfort zone.

My hope for all of you that are No-sayers is that you will understand that saying yes will lead to more money in your pockets, more opportunities, and more room for personal growth.  If you aren’t interested in any or all 3 of those positive attributes that will no doubt come your way, then I’m sorry to have wasted your time here and all the best to you.

Happy Holidays to you and your families,


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