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RINO BUSTING: Trump advisor, friend Tana Goertz is on a RINO Busting Tour

Quit being so good at losing.

That is the message Tana Goertz, senior advisor to President Donald J. Trump and family friend of the Trumps for nearly two decades, is taking to Republicans across America. United States Sen. Chuck Grassley took to the floor of the Senate to defend the results of the 2020 Presidential Election and said Trump supporters claims voting machines switched votes were “lifted entirely from the Democrats’ 2004 playbook.”

Goertz said Republicans have to stop just lying down and taking losses if they aren’t certain they are right, fair and ethical.

“Trump and I are of the same breed,” she said. “Trump doesn’t accept a loss and not challenge it and look into it to make sure it was right, fair and ethical. Republicans are so good at losing that they’re just able to say, ‘OK, this is what we do. We’re used to losing.’ And that’s absolute bull crap.”

Goertz is touring the nation, presenting on “How to Rewrite the Political Playbook.” The presentation is intended to “shake up the self-serving opportunists that infiltrate campaigns and ruin the success of the conservative party.”

Goertz, who was the hype person for President Trump in Iowa, reveals the truth of what happened with the political persecution of the President and gives action items necessary to win again.

She’s speaking nationally to GOP groups, patriot parties, Lincoln dinners, Reagan dinners, etc.
“We’re blowing the roof off the buildings teaching people how to not quit and how to win,” she said. “I’m determined in finding and exposing the RINOs. It’s called the RINO Busting Tour and that’s exactly what we’re doing — blowing up the RINOs. We’re exposing them.

“This is exactly what we’re doing. I’ve seen people firsthand begging Trump for jobs and he’s given them jobs and then what, they turn around and say he started the insurrection, he cause it, we lost, there’s no fraud. That’s vanilla and Trump is not vanilla and these politicians in Iowa need to quit being vanilla and take a stance and have a backbone.”

Goertz said the reality is too many establishment members of the GOP are “so good at losing, they just accept defeat.”
“We all know we didn’t lose,” she said. “I was the hype girl for this man and I saw the crowds. I went to Biden events just to see and people were sound asleep in their cars bored to death. I’m not happy with politicians who, because Trump came out here to help them get the win, he got them the win and then they want to go and talk crap about him. And he doesn’t forget. He knows who is talking about him too. He was left dead to bleed and they walked away from him. They all turned their back on him. Trump knows who the loyalists are and he knows who is talking about him.”

Goertz said Trump is thrilled she’s on the RINO Busting Tour exposing the RINOs in every state she campaigned for him. By the end of July it will be 15 states.

“I’m going gangbusters across the whole nation,” she added. “It’s been incredible and the response has been incredible. I’m getting everyday, average Janes and Joes to step up and answer the call to save America’s ass. We’re kicking out these RINOs that never gave a crap about our President and used him. It’s been so rewarding.”

She is self-funding the tour because she said what the Republican establishment did to Trump is “personal.”

“I’ve been a friend of the President and first family for 16 years,” she said. “These people are Johnny Come Latelys. They just met him when he came down the escalator. I’ve known this man. To the GOP people, it’s just a job. They didn’t care if he won or lost. To me it’s personal. I’m very upset to see Iowa dignitaries turning their back on the President and something where they’re saying there was no voter fraud and we should all lay down and accept defeat. It’s absurd.”
Not only did every Republican member of Congress vote to confirm Biden’s victory, but the Republican Party of Iowa invited Nikki Haley to keynote its Lincoln Dinner. Haley has been among the most vocal critics of President Trump.

“My friends in DC sent me that and were like ‘who is in charge out there?’ They asked why I wasn’t speaking. I’m not speaking because I’m not of the establishment,” Goertz said. “These people hate me because they know I’ve told Trump who the nonplayers were, the people who ever wore the MAGA hat. I exposed them. I’m going to be the keynote speaker at Reagan dinners all across the United States from Kansas City to California, but not of course in my state of Iowa because they know I’m not like them. The reality is they’re bringing in a Never Trumper. Trump did hire her, and she did do a decent job, but they’re bringing in a woman who blamed Trump for the insurrection — if that doesn’t show you how out of touch Iowa is, I don’t know what will, but they are beyond out of touch. That is just a slap in the face to any Iowan who is like me, not of the establishment, who is a loyalist, who is an American patriot who loves this country and doesn’t give a crap about the GOP. I was so embarrassed when I got that.”


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