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Street Smart Sales

Are you ready to take your sales skills to the next level? In this high-energy presentation, I will reveal my secrets to Street Smart Sales, and fire up your team to make the sale ever time and ensure undying customer loyalty to your business!

Every aspect of the sale will be examined and rethought, ranging from the initial customer interaction to making the deal to follow-up and service after the sale. Participants should come prepared to kick their own butt and leave with the drive and determination to send their sales numbers into the stratosphere!

Upon completion, participants will be motivated to:

Envision everyone they meet as a potential customer.
Identify their “Sales Super-Selves” to brand each sale as their own and impress every customer that comes through the door.
Easily come out of their comfort zone and overcome obstacles like the word NO.
Win every sale through the combination of anticipating customer needs and having the drive and determination to make the sale.
Build trust and keep promises to customers, ensuring a stellar reputation and an avalanche of referrals.

Your customers won’t dream of going anywhere else for their next purchase!

This has been a great presentation for:

Car Dealerships
Corporations and Businesses
Sales Training Teams

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Powered By 30A Media | Hosted by Fat Pipe Hosting
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