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The Country is NOT going to save itself. 2022 is the year to GET FIRED UP!

Do YOU really want to WIN?

Tana is working with GOP, NFRW and other patriot groups in all 50 states who are committed to taking back our country.
Are you ready for the political presentation that is shaking up the selfserving opportunists that have been ruining the success of the
conservative party while infiltrating campaigns?

Tana shares how she wrote the business blueprint for winning an election as a political neophyte.
She encourages America First people to run for office and stresses why they shouldn’t rely on the usual boring, tired
campaign strategies.
She provides the starter tool kit necessary for new & veteran candidates to win.
She reveals the truth of what happened within the political persecution and stolen election of President Trump.
She shares mistakes groups make while trying to recruit and keep enthusiastic volunteer


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Powered By 30A Media | Hosted by Fat Pipe Hosting
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