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The Ultimate Project

Can you imagine being asked to perform the most difficult task of your life, with just a few hours to prepare and execute, with millions of people around the world watching and judging your every move? This session will give participants the full experience of receiving a final task on “The Apprentice” from the Ultimate Stakeholder, Donald Trump!

I will share my knowledge and experience, including:

Getting successful results from a difficult project team that I didn’t get to choose.
Pleasing VIPs and sponsors at an event with an unheard-of time constraint.
The mental strategies needed to keep cool and composed during crunch-time.
Prioritizing a project when all tasks are critical.
Bouncing back when things didn’t go as planned.

Participants will be able to apply these experiences to their own projects – particularly those with impossible timelines, limited resources, or extreme complexity. I will show you that anything is possible with hard work, a will that can’t be broken, and the relentless drive to succeed!

This has been a great presentation for:

Project Management Institute Chapters
Management Teams
Corporations and Businesses

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Powered By 30A Media | Hosted by Fat Pipe Hosting
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