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Working Through Exhaustion


Being successful is hard work. The path to success is never easy, but I know there are many of you out there who are willing and ready give everything you’ve got to get there.  However, there is one big stumbling block that all of us hit, and I’ve heard this time and time again – “But Tana, I’m exhausted!”

Simply put, you’re going to get exhausted, worn out, spent, over it, you name it – and you must work through it. I can guarantee that you will never be truly successful until you learn to get over that hump. Below are three tips that I think are crucial to fighting and winning the battle with exhaustion.


Reignite Your Passion

Passion is the cure for exhaustion. Take some time to put everything down and reassess why you are doing what you are doing – sometimes we get so swept away with what we’re doing that we fail to focus on why we were passionate about it to begin with. If you dig down deep and can’t find the passion and the love and the fire, you may want to seriously consider why you’re putting in the effort.


Involve Your Family and Friends

You may be the type of person who wastes a lot of energy worrying about how your work is impacting your relationships with family and friends. Trust that your loved ones want for you to be successful, and are willing to help you get there. It’s always a good idea to share your goals and aspirations with them, give them a realistic expectation of your time commitments, and how they can help you make your dreams come true.  You’ll get tons of support – trust me.



 So many people equate working hard and meeting deadlines with getting little to no sleep. They think if you don’t pull and “all-nighter” then you didn’t try hard enough. It has been my experience that it is better to plan out your day with a full-night’s sleep as a priority. The quality of you work will improve, you will able to do more, and you will be a much healthier person. I can guarantee you’ll get more done in a well-rested 10-hour day than in a sleep-deprived 20-hour day.

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